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4/21/10 - Has it truly been two years already? I bet you thought the fic was dead. Well, you would almost be right... if it weren't for the fact that I'm not will to give up on it. When Kate gets a chance, I will be talking to her about the fate of this fic, and preferably, we'll have everything back up and going again very soon. xoxo
9/25/08 - Falling is complete and all the chapters are up. We are on hiatus though, becuase Kate has Uni- so it'll take a little longer to churn things out. But they'll be coming again soon enough.
8/12/08 - Chapters eight and nine were put up on time- but I didn't get a chance to link them until now. bleh. I'm sorry, I shall be more dilligent from now on. I probably didn't spell that right...
7/25/08 - Chapter seven is now up. Whee. Also, THANK YOU FOR 1000 PAGE VEIWS!
7/18/08 - Chapter six is up. On time this week. Woot!
7/11/08 - The fourth and fifth chapters are up. Two today as I was too sick to post them last Friday... I'm sorry about that.
6/27/08 - The third chapter is up... butter rush on over to read it... As I know you are dying to.
6/20/08 - Part two is now up for your reading pleasure. The plot summary is up as well... in other news... YAY on 500 visitors!!! Something special shall have to be made to celebrate.
6/14/08 - Every page on the site is offically up. Updates to: The Writers, Story, Mini Fics, and Characters. Check them out.
6/13/08 - The first chapter of the first part of the fic has offically be posted. You can find the link under the "Story" section. There is much excitement between us. We want to know what you think! So leave a comment on the journal, or email us what you think from the contact page! Comments let us know it's being read... Enjoy!
5/27/08 - All the characters now have photos up on the Photo section - Including a good deal of the supporting characters. Check them out!
5/26/08 - Well the site is technocally up and running. Though it is still under contruction. Most sections are in working order. Not all the video are up yet, as we have been waiting for the story to start before posting them. But get ready, June 13th is on it's way! And that means the fic will begin!



Here is where one might expected something amazingly witty to draw you in and make you want to stay.... And um... well, I'm fresh out of wit... but you're more than welcome to stay for the eye candy! I know, I know- what a terrible bribe to get someone to stay around; but if it works - then it's all good! Woot!
  But the point of this site, would be for the epic fanfic An Affair with History. And it really has everything one might want in a peice of fanfiction... Action, adventure, romance, danger, betrayl, beautiful women, smexy men, ships, uniforms, mystery, surprises, gay sex, navy boys, and pirates! I mean, really, who wouldn't want to read that?
  Oh? You want to know more, you say? Well then check out the rest of the site!! You can even find a little plot summary under the Story section... Happy Adventures!
  - Tina and Kate
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